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meet Bas & Manon

We aspire an optimal puzzle experience.

Our unique works of art are made in our workshop in Emst. A small place The Netherlands, where we live.

We’re very dedicated to develop high quality puzzles for a great experience.
We both design our puzzles and pay attention to the smallest details. Our puzzles contain dozens of hand-drawn whimsy pieces, intricately cut into the shapes of different characters, animals and plants. You won’t find the same puzzle piece twice.
We ensure that the experience that comes with every puzzle is complete. We work with different artists, so every puzzle has it’s own exciting story to tell.


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100% Sustainable

Continuous improvement to enhance sustainability.

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Worldwide shipping

Everyone can have their own adventure

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Unique Whimsy pieces

Every piece is uniquely drawn by hand

laser workshop inside adventure wooden jigsaw puzzles

Works within the puzzle

Our puzzles contain dozens of hand-drawn whimsy pieces, matched to the theme of each puzzle image. You won’t find the same puzzle piece twice. From the start of design and development of the wooden puzzles, we work passionately to create the best experience possible. We add value and quality up to the smallest details. This makes every single aspect of our jigsaw puzzles unique works of art.


A puzzle for life

Our wooden jigsaw puzzles are very durable.
We use the best quality fully sustainable FSC wooden boards and a very special image attachment technique.
Our inks are UV protected, so your puzzle will last for years to come.
Our puzzles are truly heirloom puzzles. Our service doesn’t stop when you’ve ordered a wooden jigsaw puzzle. We inspect all our puzzles for correctness and completeness.
Even though we put all this care in, puzzles can get damaged, so if something isn’t right? We’ll contact you personally to find a solution.